Tilt Latches

High Performance Top Mount Tilt Latch

Our high-performance tilt latches significantly increase the DP performance rating of hung windows to meet coastal performance codes.  The latch is made from high-impact strength thermoplastic and engages with a stainless receiver (j-hook).  The tilt latch is also available in a high strength zinc alloy to meet stringent hurricane or impact applications.  High-performance latches help to maintain tight compression on the weather seal during heavy wind loads, which improves water and air infiltration.

product highlights

  • Significantly increase DP performance rating of a hung window to fit in accordance with coastal performance codes
  • Improves water and air infiltration by maintaining a tight compression on the weather seal during wind load
  • The latch is constructed from a high-impact strength thermoplastic and the j-hook is made from stainless steel for dependable performance in coastal applications
  • The latch is also available in high strength zinc alloy
  • Delivers traditional operation and appearance for immediate market acceptance