Pinnacle, a cutting-edge technology that features a patented pawl lock function that provides immediate and reliable locking engagement. The innovative design allows the pivot bar to directly connect into the balance providing a strong interface that can also aid in increased window load ratings. The universal application offers a more forgiving manufacturing tolerance that can be used across most window profiles. This non-traditional approach to design will have you taking a second look at your window hardware and overall window design.

product highlights

  • Recommended for:  aluminum and vinyl
  • Ease of installation with twist and turn application
  • 2-option mount application allows for hanger-mount or screw-in installation
  • Reducing zing-up concerns with engaged locking mechanism
  • Increased window load ratings from a stronger pivot bar interlock
  • Refined design minimizes required space inside the jamb, allowing for improved sealing or structural features
  • Reduced jamb pocket creates an opportunity for a narrower window design resulting in material cost savings
  • Reduce overall inventory utilizing one component that is flexible across multiple window lines and designs


Attribute Value
Weight Capacity 3 - 45 lbs (Up to 60 lbs limited travel)
Length Range 12" - 50"