135 Series

The 135 series is a block and tackle designed for sideload window applications. The innovative extended travel bottom guide allows for enough travel to allow customers to use even balance lengths only to cover the full spectrum of frame sizes.

product highlights

  • Recommended for:  aluminum, composite, and vinyl
  • AAMA 902 Certified
  • Great option for achieving egress in a smaller window, protective channel resists debris
  • Enclosed rollers offer increased sash travel
  • Winged and non-winged guide options
  • Sideload balance - will accommodate weights from 3 lbs to 45 lbs.
  • Patented extended travel bottom guide allows more travel than standard sideload balances
  • Can reduce number of sku's needed by 40-60%


Attribute Value
Weight Capacity 3 - 52 lbs
Length Range 12" - 50"