Reach: 0.683"

Q-LON® .683 (UD6)

Composed of open cell foam and a polyethylene liner which provides maximum long-term performance with low compression force, and resistance against compression set. Retains its original shape year after year to maintain an excellent weatherseal. A dual durometer insert allows for easy insertion and maximum retention. It is removable without damaging the jamb or seal. 


Product Highlights

  • Recommended for:  aluminum, composite, vinyl, and wood
  • Kerf Width 0.125"(3.2mm)
  • Kerf Depth 0.438"(11.1mm)
  • Rabbet Depth 2-1/8"(54mm)
  • Reach 0.683"(17.35mm)
  • Excellent memory – returns to original shape after long compression
  • Stability – low / no stretch gained by rigid insert or glass fiber internal cord
  • Easily compressed – low compression forces, unaffected by temperature variance
  • Acoustics – outstanding acoustic performance
  • Thermal conductivity – unrivaled thermal performance
  • Paint and stain-proof – properties unaffected by standard paints and stains
  • Stabilized – unaffected by rot, fungi, UV-light, or ozone
  • Temperatures – wide operating range under extremely cold and warm weather conditions 


Part # Box Quantity Recommended Opening Backing / Kerf Width
UD634-03700 250 0.478" 0.175"
UD634-07400 125 0.478" 0.175"
UD634-08500 125 0.478" 0.175"
UD634-09700 125 0.478" 0.175"
UD634-12000 125 0.478" 0.175"