AP 415

AP 415

Compression: Recommended: 25%, Minimum: 10%, Maximum 50%

Standard Pack: 2,500ft/carton (762m/carton)

Special Features: Aptus seals are extruded TPEs. This material combines the flexibility of a thermoplastic with the functional performance and properties of a conventional thermoset rubber. Dual durometer allows for easy insertion. Slip coat on the top of the bulb decreases operating force in sliding and sweeping applications. Offset compression seal for mounting distances between .125" & .225" with a bulb diameter of .250".

Other Information: Kerf Width 0.078" (2.0mm) Kerf Depth 0.250" (6.4mm) Flexible bulb acts as a mechanical seal with little resistance. Conforms to the shape of the sealing surface better than a rigid part.

Available Finishes

  • Black


  • White


  • Bronze


  • Beige


Available for use on


Single Hung
Double Hung

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