Max Casement Hardware System

Max Casement Hardware System

The AmesburyTruth™ Max Casement hardware system is an engineered solution with impressive performance and weight carrying capabilities that allow window manufacturers to meet the most demanding requirements. These residential products can also meet commercial ratings in certain situations. The system is residentially rated for 48” x 96”, and commercially rated for 44” x 84” windows. The Max Casement hardware system can be used to support and operate a sash weighing up to 140lbs.

The high-performance Max Casement hardware system includes our Heavy Duty Hinge and Heavy Duty Encore Operator suitable for use with larger casement windows. When combined with our multi-point locking systems, Encore (for wood) or Maxim (for vinyl), the higher design pressures which result from larger window sizes can be attained. Our custom developed tie bars and keepers give maximum loading on three sides of the sash when our ATC corner drive is utilized.

Heavy Duty Hinges Features & Benefits

  • Innovative patented shoe design with built-in roller
  • Heavy-duty hinge track
  • Larger adjustable brass stud
  • 140 lb Sash Capacity

Heavy Duty Encore Operators Features & Benefits

  • Longer and heavier sash arm
  • Longer dyad arm
  • Fits standard Encore cutouts
  • Accepts all Encore Cover/Handle
  • AAMA Rated for load and cycle life

Encore and Maxim Locks

  • Provides true sequential locking
  • Custome tie bar components
  • ATC Corner Drives available
  • 350 lbs per lock point

Part Numbers
Part NumberDescriptionQty/Carton   HD Hinge SST Track LH 80   HD Hinge SST Track RH 80   HD Hinge SST Arm LH 80   HD Hinge SST Arm RH 80   Encore HD Dual Arm Operator LH 20   Encore HD Dual Arm Operator RH 20   Encore HD Single Arm Operator LH 20   Encore HD Single Arm Operator RH 20
42090   HD SST Operator Track 100
14548.00.0500   HD SST Stud Bracket LH 200
14547.00.0500   HD SST Stud Bracket RH 200
12642.93   Encore Lock Driver 100
12662.XX   Encore Handle/Escutcheon 50
24.54.XX.001   Maxim Long handle Lock Driver 50
24.43.XX.001   Maxim LP Lock Driver 50
TBD   Tiebar and Keeper  (Per Application) TBD
14876 ATC, MP/MX Casement Standard 10
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Why AmesburyTruth Hardware?

AmesburyTruth door hardware and window hardware are sturdily built to stand the test of time. Our unmatched research and development ensures that our hardware sets the standard in the fenestration industry for quality and innovation.