Signature Contemporary Family Sliding Door Handle Sets

Signature Contemporary Family Sliding Door Handle Sets

AmesburyTruth is pleased to introduce our Contemporary Family of Handle Sets for the Sliding Door Signature line of products. The addition of our 40.69 and 40.70 offset handle options to our 40.68 inline handle, complete our contemporary offering with new 10” and 13” long escutcheon options. 

These handles are all compatible with industry standard single point or multi-point mortise locks. The 40.68 series inline handle and 40.70 series offset handle feature thumb turns and key cylinders above the handle for easy access. The 40.69 series offset handle provides an attractive, contemporary look on a shorter, 10” escutcheon platform that fits both centered and offset door fabrication patterns.

Signature Contemporary handle sets fit stile thicknesses ranging from 1.25” to 2.25” and are available in Active, Semi-Active, and Inactive configurations to fit your complete door offering. The sleek, modern design of these handles are sure to complement your door system.

Available Colors

  • 32 White

    32 White

  • Black


  • Brass PVD

    Brass PVD

  • Faux Bronze

    Faux Bronze

  • Matte Black

    Matte Black

  • Oil Rubbed Bronze PVD

    Oil Rubbed Bronze PVD

  • Satin Nickel PVD

    Satin Nickel PVD

Available for Use On







Key Features & Benefits

  • Industry standard mounting hole spacing for easy conversion from existing hardware or in upgrading systems currently in the market
  • Extended bosses on inside and outside escutcheons to enhance handle stability
  • Plated decorative finishes on solid brass and painted finishes on zinc
  • Designed to accent today’s larger sized doors
  • New contemporary handle shapes in both inline and offset styles are elegant in appearance and easy to grasp


Brass substrate for Plated and PVD finishes
Zinc substrate for Painted finishes

Part Numbers
Part NumberDescriptionQty/Carton
40.68.xx.100 Semi-Active 6
40.68.xx.101 Active 6
40.68.xx.102 Inactive 6
40.69.xx.100 Semi - Active 10
40.69.xx.101 Active - Centered 10
40.69.xx.102 Active Offset 10
40.69.xx.103 Inactive 10
40.70.xx.100 Semi - Active 6
40.70.xx.101 Active 6
40.70.xx.102 Inactive 6
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