Euro Contour™ Hardware System

Euro Contour™ Hardware System

The Euro Contour™ lock is part of a commercial grade hardware line. It maintains a longer handle and is cleverly designed to meet ADA requirements. Increased travel allows up to 8 locking points on casement sash sizes ranging up to 102” (2,591 mm) tall. The lock drive interfaces with standard euro groove lock points and keepers.

Our Euro Contour™ operator has increased load carrying capacity and 22% more operating leverage for ease of operation. Operator slides are designed to use the euro groove for ease of installation.  All Euro Contour products have an integrated gasket to maximize weather resistance around each hardware location.  CHIC hinges provide 220 lb sash weight capacity with concealed styling and full adjustability.

Key Features & Benefits

Euro Contour™ Lock

  • Interface with standard Euro Groove locking components
  • Integrated gasket enhances weather resistance
  • Handle design improves clearance for easy screen removal  
  • Handle size improves ease of operation and supports ADA force requirements 
  • Both standard Contour and LP Contour styles available

Euro Contour™ Operator

  • Operator slides interface directly with T1 euro groove
  • Concealed fasteners improve interior aesthetics
  • Integrated gasket enhances weather resistance
  • Handle is offset to provide increased clearance of side extension jambs
  • Operator design improves ease of operation and supports ADA force requirements

CHIC Hinge

  • Concealed hinge design gives clean interior and exterior aesthetics
  • Interfaces directly with T1 style Euro Grooves
  • 3 Axis Adjustability
  • Up to 180 degree opening

Part Numbers

Part Numbers Description
24.50.xx.001 Lock - Multi-Point Lock
24.45.xx.001 Lock - LP Multi-Point Lock
TBD by Profile Lock - Pawl (Giesse)
TBD by Profile Lock - Adjustable Keeper (Giesse)
55.10.xx.221 Awning Operators - 11.0” Arms
55.10.xx.521 Awning Operators - SST 11.0” Arms
55.12.xx.221 Awning Operators - 9.0” Arms
55.12.xx.521 Awning Operators - SST 9.0” Arms
55.11.xx.221 Awning Operators - 5.5” Arms
55.11.xx.521 Awning Operators - SST 5.5” Arms
55.00.xx.221 Single Arm - 14” Left Hand
55.00.xx.222 Single Arm - 14” Right Hand
55.02.xx.221 Single Arm - 8” Left Hand
55.02.xx.222 Single Arm - 8” SST Left Hand
55.01.xx.202 Dyad - Std Right Hand
55.01.xx.201 Dyad - Std Left Hand
55.03.xx.202 Dyad - Short Right Hand
55.03.xx.201 Dyad - Short Left Hand
12869.xx Operator Handle Folding
11454.xx Operator Handle - Non-Folding
043540001/2 Standard Duty CHIC Hinge


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