Euro Contour Locking System

Euro Contour Locking System

The Euro Contour Locking System combines the aesthetics and low operating force of Contour with with the high performance and flexibility of Euro style locking systems. Euro style locking allows the customer to customize the number of lock points on a window to meet any architectural design pressure requirement. Handles provide in both standard Contour and Maxim LP styling to blend seamlessly with Contour operators to complete a visual package for architectural windows

Key Features & Benefits

  • High performance for large locking point loads exceeding 200 lb
  • Ease of operation for meeting ADA applications
  • Flexibility and easy installation
  • Integrated gasket for weather resistance

Technical Specifications

  • Adjustment ranges
  • -Adjustable keeper range +/- 1/16”
  • -Adjustable Pawl range +/- 1/32
  • Load limit 200lb per lock point dependent on keeper/pawl combination
  • Easy slide in installation with customer processed connecting rod system
  • Complete system is secured with only two screws at the handle drive


  • Handle drives are zinc diecast with powder coating
  • Keepers/pawls are zinc diecast with protective coatings or Stainless steel


  • AT Standard 10 Year

Recommended Mounting Screws

  • Contour standard handle = #10-24 PH PH screws

Part Numbers
Part NumberDescriptionQty/Carton
24.50.XX.001 Contour Multi Lock handle 50
24.45.XX.001 Contour LP Multi Lock handle 50
03524 Connecting Rod 600 ft roll
01352 Pawl pin (for PA009 machine) 400
01332 Short Drive pin 50
02320 Tall Drive pin 500
04047 Pawl connector short 200
04663 Pawl connector tall 100
01373 Pawl saddle non-adjustable 20
01395 Pawl saddle adjustable 100
04046 T head Pawl and strike 20
01266 Keeper flat non-adjustable 100
01280 Keeper flat adjustable 100
01347 Keeper T1 groove adjustable 200
01400 Keeper T1 groove offset adjustable 200
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