A message from Bob Burns, President of AmesburyTruth:

As the world manages its way through this dynamic COVID-19 pandemic, we continue to refine our understanding on how to best protect and serve our employees and customers. I have witnessed incredible teamwork and perseverance from both our AmesburyTruth employees and our business partners. Presently, we are deemed an essential business and, as a result of our team's efforts, we are fully operational.

The safety of our employees is the top priority and we will continue to add supplemental measures to keep our team members and their families healthy. Currently, we are:

  • Adhering to local and National government directives within Canada, the United States, and Mexico.
  • Eliminating non-essential visitors to our facilities and restricting travel between AT facilities.
  • Providing resources and training for our employees on the importance of hygiene and cleanliness of workspaces to prevent the spread of illness.
  • Additional sanitation and deep cleaning of facilities.
  • Supporting employees that have the capability to work from home to assist with social distancing.

The agility of our manufacturing capabilities is also a priority. We are:

  • Meeting daily on a local and regional basis to manage supply and demand for our customers.
  • Engaging with suppliers to track raw material availability while also working to have a sufficient inventory of sourced components to mitigate supply chain disruption.
  • Ongoing coordination with all AT manufacturing plants to ensure the maximum amount of flexibility and responsiveness to customer needs throughout our network.

I am very appreciative of our AmesburyTruth team and their dedication to meeting our customers' needs. It is our hope that the actions we have taken will help AmesburyTruth, our employees, and customers weather the storm. However, if there are challenges that arise regarding the safety of our team or compromised ability to provide excellent products and services, we will immediately communicate the situation in order to work toward a timely resolution. I wish you all health and safety.

Bob Burns
President of AmesburyTruth